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Close-Up Photography in Nature
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Publisher:Firefly Books
Publication Date:2008-02-15
Number of Pages:107 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:430 gram
Books Dimensions:216 x 255 x 9 mm
Format of ebooks: PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
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Close-Up Photography in Nature

Detailed guide to taking Close-Up photos of subjects in nature with both conventional and digital cameras; includes up-to-date information on equipment, settings, angles, techniques and manipulating photos digitally.
"This is the guide for great Close-Ups of plants, animals, insects and small landscapes"For this updated edition, master photographer Tim Fitzharris includes the latest developments in digital photography and how they affect Close-Up nature photography. He shares his proven techniques for capturing once-in-a-lifetime images and inspires both amateur and professional photographers to improve the quality and beauty of their work.Packed with reliable information and expert advice, the book covers: Traditional and digital methods in nature photographyThe latest information on lenses, filters, flashes, reflectors and tripodsTips for choosing the best equipmentTechniques on focusing and exposureColor, composition, lighting, themes and center of interestAnticipating where wildlife is likely to be foundWorking with PhotoShop and other digital imaging software.Both the technical aspects and the creative side are discussed in detail. Along the way, Fitzharris shares tips for photographing everything from frogs to hummingbirds, from wildflowers to small still lifes.

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