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Mopar Part Interchange Manual 1950-1965
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Publication Date:2011-12-26
Number of Pages:172 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:412 gram
Format of ebooks: PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
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Mopar Part Interchange Manual 1950-1965

This is a true interchange manual unlike others that only list places to buy parts and do not identify the interchangeability of parts. A must for every restoration and / or maintenance project saving money and research time This book lists identical parts fitting other years and models of Mopar vehicles from 1950 to 1965. Includes Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Desoto, and Imperial. Every commonly needed part is covered, including: Axel groupShafts, housing, gears, etc. Bearing groupPinion, wheel, etc. Body groupFenders, grilles, doors, bumpers, etc. Brake groupDrums, master cylinders, shoes, etc. Clutch groupCover, disc, etc. Coolin g groupRadiator, water pump, etc. Electrical groupAlternator, horn, distributor, wiper motors, etc. Engine groupCamshaft, crankshafts, heads, manifolds, etc. (covers 6 cylinder up to the 430) Fuel groupCarburetors, fuel pumps, tanks, etc. Suspension groupSprings, shocks, tie rods, etc. Transmission groupComplete transmissions, gears, shaft, etc. Glass groupWindshield, back window, vent, door Wheel groupHubs, wheels A great addition to any restoration project as an invaluable reference for the owner & restorer. Covers all of the models of cars as listed below. Chrysler: 300, 300G, 300H, 300J, 300L, New Yorker, Newport, Royal, Saratoga, Town and Country, Windsor Imperial: Crown, Custom, Lebaron Desoto: Adventurer, Custom, Deluxe, Firedome, Fireflite, Firesweep, Powermaster Dodge: 330, 440, 880, Coronet, Custom 880, Dart, Dart GT, Phoenix, Pioneer, Meadowbrook, Monaco, Royal, Royal Custom, Seneca, Sierra, Matador, Polara, Wayfarer Plymouth: Barracuda, Belevedere, Cambridge, Concord, Cranbrook, Deluxe, Fury I, Fury II, Fury III, Lancer, Plaza, Savoy, Signet, Special, Sport, Valiant

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