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Business Law
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Publication Date:2011-03-29
Number of Pages:589 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
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Business Law

Rev. ed. of: Business law / David Kelly, Ann Holmes, Ruth Hayward. 5th ed. 2005.
Business Law offers comprehensive coverage of the key aspects of Business law in a straightforward manner that is easy to understand for non-law students. It describes and considers the full range of legal topics such as Contract, Company and Employment Law, as well as including coverage of emerging areas such as Health and Safety and Environmental Law as they apply to Business. Including all the recent major developments in the law such as the Companies Act 2006 the Lisbon Treaty, new regulations on Consumer Protection and the impact of environmental and climate change regulation on Businesses, Business Law is one of the most up-to-date textbooks available today. Key learning features include: diagrams and tables to illustrate key principles and interrelationships between topics; key cases boxes which highlight landmark cases for ease of reference; revision summaries at the end of each chapter to help clarify the key points to focus on for each topic; an attractive two-colour text design which aids easy understanding and quick referencing. Primarily designed for undergraduates on Business courses, Business Law will also be suitable for all those who need to study the law relating to Business as part of their main course.

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