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Healing Teas
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Publisher:Avery Publishing Group
Publication Date:1995-12-01
Number of Pages:256 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:281 gram
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Healing Teas

A complete guide to medicinal teas from around the world and their amazing Healing powers For thousands of years, cultures throughout the world have known the Healing power of teas. While the art of brewing these medicinal teas does take some extra effort, the results can be amazing for a host of illnesses, ranging from arthritis to migraines. "Healing Teas" is a complete and easy-to-follow and informative guide, blending together proper methods of preparing teas with the latest scientific research. "Healing Teas" also provides a unique A-Z guide to herbs, individual brews, and home remedies. From essiac to kombucha, chamomile to garlic, learn to prepare teas from around the world--and maximize your health.
Healing Teas is a practical guide to the medicinal teas of the world. Through this informative resource you'll learn how to make teas-the most basic of all herbal remedies. Fifty-four herbs are listed and described in detail, with health indications and historical notes, scientific findings and preparation techniques.

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