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War of the Worlds
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Publisher:Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Publication Date:2010-10-01
Number of Pages:128 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
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War of the Worlds

The British believe their Empire is unassailable, that no force has the power to stand against it. They are wrong. Across the gulf of space, alien minds have observed the world of Victoriana with covetous eyes. They have come to wage War not only against the British but the whole of the Earth. Will the great Ironclad airship 'Thunderchild' prove a match for the Martian War machines? Can the powerful magic of the Guild protect humanity from the deadly science of an alien race? What part will your characters play in the coming battle? Will they stand against the onslaught or cower against the might of another world? War of the Worlds is the first in the 'Victoriana Shattered' line. This series details new alternate worlds for Victoriana, or campaigns of such import that they will change the world of Victoriana forever.

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