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Segments of My Soul
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Author: Haleemah
Publication Date:2007-04-30
Number of Pages:50 Pages
Book Type:Paperback
Weight:86 gram
Books Dimensions:229 x 152 x 3 mm
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Segments of My Soul

A personal journey of healing mind, body and spirit. A spirit that was tortured by the very health care system to which my life was dedicated. This is a journey toward healing as one. This is a self-healing journey that reunited all of the Segments of my soul. Health care, as it is now, needs to change; workplace bullying must stop. We need to know and embrace the truth. The veil of separation needs to be lifted and know we are all one. The story was written as Haleemah, which means: Lady of patience and endurance so painful the experience, the words, could only be translated through her. The veil of confusion was lifted, the truth was revealed and my soul is healed.

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