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Joy of Cooking - 1975
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Publisher:Scribner Book Company
Author: Rombauer, Irma Von Starkloff; Becker, Marion Rombauer;
Publication Date:1985-05-01
Number of Pages:928 Pages
Book Type:hardcover
Weight:1360 gram
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Joy of Cooking - 1975

No other cookbook includes such a complete range of recipes in every category: everyday, classic, foreign, and deluxe. Now over 40 years old, this edition features new chapters on maintaining nutrients while Cooking and explaining how and why certain materials commonly combined react as they do. "The classic work, which covers the entire gamut of kitchen procedures and is easy to use".--James Beard.
"Joy" is the all-purpose cookbook. There are other basic cookbooks on the market, and there are fine specialty cookbooks, but no other cookbook includes such a complete range of recipes in every category: everyday, classic, foreign and de luxe. "Joy" is the one indispensable cookbook, a boon to the beginner, treasure for the experienced cook, the foundation of many a happy kitchen and many a happy home. Privately printed in 1931, "Joy" has always been family affair, and like a family it has grown. Written by Irma Starkloff Rombauer, a St. Louisan, it was first tested and illustrated by her daughter, Marion Rombauer Becker, and subsequently it was revised and enlarged through Marion's efforts and those of her architect husband, John W. Becker. Their sons -- Ethan, with his Cordon Bleu and camping experiences, and Mark, with his interest in natural foods-have reinforced "Joy" in many ways. Now over forty, "Joy" continues to be a family affair, demonstrating more than ever the awareness we all share in the growing preciousness of food. Special features in this edition are the chapter on "Heat, " which gives you many hints on maintaining the nutrients in the food you are cooking, and "Know Your Ingredients, " which reveals vital characteristics of the materials you commonly combine, telling how and why they react as they do; how to measure them; when feasible, how to substitute one for another; as well as amounts to buy. Wherever possible, information also appears at the point of use. Divided into three parts, "Foods We Eat, Foods We Heat" and "Foods We Keep, ""Joy" now contains more than 4500 recipes, many hundreds of them new to this edition -- the first full revision in twelve years. All the enduring favorites will still be found. In the chapter on "Brunch, Lunch and Supper Dishes" there are also interesting suggestions for using convenience and leftover foods. Through its more than 1000 practical, delightful drawings by Ginnie Hofmann and Ikki Matsumoto, "Joy" shows how to present food correctly and charmingly, from the simplest to the most formal service; how to prepare ingredients with classic tools and techniques; and how to preserve safely the results of your canning and freezing. "Joy" grows with the times; it has a full roster of American and foreign dishes: Strudel, Zabaglione, Rijsttafel, Couscous, among many others. All the classic terms you find on menus, such as Provencale, bonne femme, meuniere and Florentine, are not merely defined but fully explained so you yourself can confect the dish they characterize. Throughout the book the whys and wherefores of the directions are given, with special emphasis on that vital cooking factor -- heat. Did you know that even the temperature of an ingredient can make or mar your best-laid plans? Learn exactly what the results of "simmering, blanching, roasting" and "braising" have on your efforts. Read the enlarged discussion on herbs, spices and seasonings, and note that their use is included in suitable amounts in the recipes. No detail necessary to your success in cooking has been omitted. "Joy," we hope, will always remain essentially a family affair, as well as an enterprise in which its authors owe no obligation to anyone but to themselves and to you. Choose from our offerings what suits your person, your way of life, your pleasure -- and join us in the "Joy" of cooking. Because of the infinite patience that has gone into the preparation of "Joy of Cooking, " the publishers offer it on a money-back guarantee. Without question there is no finer all-purpose cookbook.

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